Bill O’Reilly, Bill O’rielly, Bill O’Really

August 7, 2007

After watching Bill O’Reilly on Fox I started thinking about how his name is misspelled on the Internet. I first checked the keywords of the website to see if they placed misspellings of Bill’s name into their meta tags and was rather surprised to find them listed. Next, I conducted some searches for Bill O’Reilly using various misspellings of the name in Google and got some hits. I started to compile a small list of the various misspellings to be added into the Dumbtionary.

If the legendary host of the Fox News show The Factor does not know he has a tricky name, his website designers or marketing team sure do. The keywords meta tag on the homepage are littered with various misspellings of Bill’s name and even a mention for the name Visko Hatfield which must be a shout out to a good buddy since I could not find anything on the page that mentioned Visko Hatfield.

Does the audience of The Factor not know how to spell Bill’s name correctly or is it that the site is so desperate to catch the misspellings of the host’s name from fat fingered viewers that they resort to using the misspellings to help grab residual traffic. The answer is probably the first since the site is promoted on every episode of The Factor, but the ranking in Alexa is still amazingly low at a whopping 82,678 at the time of this posting. Sure the site sits at the 3,544.802 spot, but then again we don’t have our own show on TV to help promote the site.

We have added some of the misspellings of Bill’s name into the Dumbtionary that have been found on the Internet. Below is a list of the variations of the Bill O’Reilly name which were added.

Using misspellings to grab some traffic from people that cannot spell the correctly is not an old trick and many sites use this tactic.

I have gathered some of the keyword meta tag information for various sites that have been pretty popular recently. What caught me by surprise is that some sites such as the official site of Barack Obama could probably benefit the most from using misspellings to help drive traffic to their site and don’t. Senator Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton President Exploratory Committee Rudy, Rudy Giuliani, Rudy for President, Giuliani for President, Rudy 2008, 2008 Election, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Rudolph Giuliani, Mayor Giuliani, Giuliani 2008, Rudy 08, JoinRudy2008, JoinRudy 2008 Sam Brownback, President, election, 2008, conservative, principled, republican, brownback, pro-life, culture, United States, israel, iraq, energy, campaign

Top 10 misspelled words for July 2007

August 5, 2007

The following are the top misspelled words based on search engine referred traffic levels to the pages of the site. The top word list is limited to the top 10 words only.

  1. aledge
  2. restaraunteurs
  3. seatle
  4. vailidty
  5. zoduac
  6. aquiantance
  7. desitned
  8. protoganist
  9. particuarly
  10. nusance

At this time the site provides access to over 10,400 misspelled words, names, locations and sets (phrases). As the traffic to the site grows we will increase the amount of top misspelled words listed in our blog. Please consider linking to the main page of the Dumbtionary at

One month of the Dumbtionary

August 1, 2007

In one month over 10,000 misspelled words have been added, the design has changed 4 times to better fit the content and t has finally made it’s way into the search engines.  We are tallying up the traffic coming into the site based on the keywords from the referring search engines and will provide monthly lists of the top misspelled words.

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